Seth joined Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2016, at the age of seven. He took a break from swimming the follow year and re-joined Aqua Essence again this Fall and is loving his lessons! Before taking lessons, Seth enjoyed playing in the pool. However, he did not want to have water in his eyes or nose. Seth always looks forward to his swim lessons every week. Every time he comes from a class, he never fails to gush about how he enjoyed his time in the pool and how his instructor Sari, encourages him to do well! Seth enjoys swimming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre, and has even enlised his dad to bring him there, even on none class days. He just loves being in the water!

Here’s what Sari had to say:

I would like to nominate Seth Galanto for swimmer of the month. Seth and I began swimming together this Fall, and in that time Seth has already made such great improvements. In our first few classes, Seth was working on blowing bubbles and doing swims with my help. In just a few weeks, Seth wsa doing his back swims and roll overs all on his own, and even jumping into the deep end! Seth is such a hard worker and always comes to class excited to swim. Im so excited for the progress Seth has already made and continues to make. Keep up the great work Seth!