Naseer and Shaida joined Aqua Essence in September 2017. They were both extremley fearful of the water in the beginning and had absolutley no exposure/training or any level of swimming. They enjoy taking their lessons with Mitchell. He provides instruction with respect and ongoing encouragement, that keeps them floating! They always feel a sense of improvement after each lesson!

Here’s what Mitchell had to say:

Naseer and Shahida Ahmed are a married couple who have been swimming with me for about a year and a half at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre. When Naseer and Shahida came to me they had very minimal skills and sometimes comfortably going under water was tough. THe first few months, I could see that it was tough for them to stay motivated but they perservered and now are able to work on full strokes and even some deep end skills! Naseer and Shahida embody the Aqua Essence attitue of working hard towards a goal through all the bumps in the road!

The turning point for both of them, was about 6 months into our lessons when we had a very honest conversation about how to improve more quickly. I told them if they wanted to see results, they simply had to spend more time in the water. I didn’t think much of it, and continued with the lesson. Since that day I see Shahida and Naseer at the pool 2-3 times a week ON TOP of our scheduled lessons. The dedication they have for this is unreal! I also really admire the way that they work through issues together, even going so far to ask me to show them the holds I use in our lessons, so they can properly support each other on their own time.

THese guys are a great example of why I love teaching adults and I cannot wait to see how the progress continues in 2019! Congrats Naseer and Shahida, you really deserve this!