Alice began swimming with Aqua Essence in 2016.  Prior to taking swimming lessons, Alice was extremley leery of the pool. She really didn’t like to get her face wet. Her instructor Hope has been extremley patient and encouraging. Alice is now comfortable in the water and is excited when it’s swimming lesson day! Alice really enjoys speeding across the pool using the flutter board and pretending to high five with her instructor Hope. Alice has always swam at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre.

Here’s what Hope had to say:

I would like to nominate Alice Smith for swimmer of the month. Alice is in Level 1 and I’ve been swimming with her for a couple of sessions on and off. Since then, her confidence in the water has improved immensely. I remember at the beginning she used to be scared to go into the water and it was a great accomplishment when she went the whole class with a smile on her face. She then progressed to blowiing bubbles in the water and is now doing full bobs on her own! Alice loves to kick fast and do big jumps into the water. I’m so proud of her and all that she’s accomplished and it’s awesome seeing her confidence and her swimming abilities grow every vlass. Alice has a great and positive attitude while she’s in teh water and is willing to trust me to teach her new skills. Keep up the great work!