Molly joined Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2007, when she was 6 months old. Molly enjoyed the lessons when her mom or dad with her in the water. She was briefly unahppy when she started her lessons with out a parent, but after a few weeks, she settled in and has enjoyed lessons ever since! Molly is quite proud of how far she has progressed over the last year. She enjoys taking her lessons at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre.

Here’s what Orie had to say:

I would like to nominate Molly Goldenberg for swimmer of the month. I have been teaching Molly for about a year and she has made huge strides in her swimming. When I started teaching her in the Spring, she was in Level 5 and just learing Whip Kick. She quickly caught on and needed more of a challenge. Now less that a year later she is doing full Breast Stroke and making it look easy! Molly has has also worked very hard on her Front Crawl technique and even though she did not get it as easily as she would have liked, it never stopped her from practising it and eventually mastering it. Molly always puts in a lot of work every swim class and it is really paying off. Keep up the good work Molly!