Nate joined Aqua Essence in the Spring of 2011. When he started his lessons, he liked the water but didn’t want to put his head under the water and didn’t like going into the deep end of the pool. Within a few lessons, Nate was already putting his head under water. His parents were amazed! Nate enjoys taking his lessons with his instructor Sari. He likes how she pushes him to do better in swimming and is very cheerful and encouraging while doing so! Nate has swam at Boni Vital and now has been swimming at Pan Am pool for a few years.

Here’s what Sari had to say:

I would like to nominate Nathaniel Hubert for swimmer of the month. I have been teaching him for the past year, in which he has made great improvements! Nate has progressed from floating with help with assistance from me, to swimming 50 metres ( two laps) of front crawl in the deep end! Although swimming, may not be his favourite thing to do. Nate always works hard to reach his goals, whether it was floating by himself or completing his laps. The progress Nate has made is very inspiring and reminds me why it is I do my job. With time and lots of hard work, he has grown into a stronger, more confident swimmer. I am so proud of how much Nate has grown as a swimmer and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Keep up the great work Nate!