The Rewucki family has been swimming with Aqua for the last 6 years and Rayna has been swimming since she was 2.5 years old. She has seen tremendous growth since then and since the family spends so much time camping in the summer, she gets to practice her abilities every day! Rayna has a TON of confidence around all types of water. Her favourite parts of swimming lessons with Aidan are swimming to the wall with her straight arms and using the slide!

Here’s what Aidan had to say about Rayna:

I would like to nominate Rayna Rewucki as Swimmer of the Month of October! Rayna has been working so hard and has improved so much! She is a super strong and independent swimmer at the Salamander level! She can swim half a length by herself on her back swim! Her kicks have improved a ton and she’s kicking with tons of power and strength. Not only has she been constantly improving on her back, but her front swims have been coming along like crazy! She’s starting to swim further and further by herself and is starting to keep those arms up on top of the water! Rayna has my nomination for her growth and independence in the pool this month! Congrats Rayna!