Jack started with Aqua Essence when he was just 6 months old. This now 6 and a half-year-old is a rockstar in the pool. Jack loves trying new skills in the pool and has been working on mastering his front crawl and diving as of late. Jack has always had a great level of comfort in the water that his family attributes to his consistently high level of instruction over the years.

Here’s what Mitchell had to say about Jack:

Jack has had a monumental year of swimming. I was lucky enough to swim with this little man from January to December in 2019 and WOW has he seen progress. From January to March Jack was mostly a shallow end swimmer getting the hang of breathing to the side. In the summertime, Jack was able to complete his first lap of full front crawl and I was never prouder of him. That was until September when Jack began spending about half his time in the deep end doing laps in the 25m lanes. I was blown away. Jack was able to fit one more HUGE accomplishment into 2019 when he completed his laps to get to the deep end by himself. Having me out of the water was a big change for Jack that we are still getting used to. His bravery and confidence in the water have skyrocketed this year and I chose Jack for Swimmer of the Month in December to recognize his hard work and dedication to improving over the past 12 months. On to Level 5 and a new year of challenges that I know he will crush!! Congratulations buddy.