Ben joined Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2014. His very first instructor was Mitchell! This was his very first set of swimming levels and before joining Aqua Essence, his comfort level in the water was non-existent. Ben enjoys swimming, and now that he is in Level 6, he is looking forward to wearing googles in teh water next session! Ben looks forward to swimming at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre each week!

Here’s what Hannah had to say:

I would like to nominate Benjamin Plaseski as a swimmer of the month. Ben has been working very hard during lessons, especially on his endurance in teh deep end and he has been improving with every class. Although practising, whip kick can be repetitve and frustrating, Iam proud of Ben for remaining dedicated eveyr week. All of hte hard work has really paid off! I also admire his sense of humour and I look forward to seeing him every week at the pool!