Thabiso joined Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2017, he had no swimming experience previously. He was afraid of getting into the water and was especially terrified of putting his head under the water. He couldn’t float or swim. Sasha was his first instructor and was very patrient. Thabiso now enjys swimming and he can’t wait to get to his swimming lessons. He also likes to practice his skills outside of his swimming lessons. He enjoys doing arm circles, pencil swims, and diving. Thabiso enjoys swimming with his instructor Annika and he regularly smiles and is very happy when he is in the pool. Thabiso enjoys getting high gives from his teacher when he achieves a certain skill.

Here’s what Annika had to say: I would like to nominate Thabiso Mohamme for swimmer of hte month. Thabiso and I have been swimming together since September, and since then he has improved tremendously! In the first few classes, he was very fearful of entering the water and had absolutely no interest of stepping foot near the deep end. After just a few weeks, Thabiso was swimming from one end of the pool to the other, and jumping into the deep end on his own!

Thabiso works really hard and it shows, each class he is improving more and more. Once Thabiso get to the pool he is very eager to hop int eh water and start working on his front crawl. HIs front crawl has come such a long way! It took Thabiso a while to get the hang of the arm circles using the board, but now he is swimming multiple lengths without any assitance! Keep up the awesome work Thabiso!