Diego started swimming wtih Aqua Essence in the Fall of 2017. Prior to that he had taken lessons elsewhere, and felt comfortbale in the water, but wanted to focus on skill development. Diego’s Aunt, suggested he move to swim wtih Aqua Essence and his mom wished she had done so, a lot sooner! Diego enjoys his private one on one class with his instructor Mitchell and getting to know him, which makes him feel more confident in his swimming! Diego looks forward to swimming at Cindy Klassen each week.

Here’s what Mitchell had to say:

Diego has been chosen as swimmer of the month for April. Diego and I have been working to complete the Red Cross Swim Kids program for almost a year now and he has come so far. Diego is one of those kids that never complains, and does the work. Because of this attitude he has been able to improve drastically in a short amount of time. He is locked in on his goal of completing Level 10 and he is so close now. I’m sure he can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I want to recognize Diego’s efforts over the past few months, specifically because of the increase I’ve noticed in his endurance. Being able to swim continually is a huge part of the last few levels and Diego is more than up to that task. Great work Diego and great attitude!