Maksym started swimming with Aqua Essence in September of 2017. Before swimming with us he would like to be able to touch the bottom of wherever he was swimming and was hesitant to swim without assistance. Now Maksym is a fantastic independent swimmer! He feels he is really learning a lot and improving his swimming which makes going to the pool exciting. Maksym says his instructor Sam makes it fun to learn with his encouraging attitude!

Here’s what Sam had to say about Maksym:

I have had the pleasure of teaching Maksim since September. He has made a lot of improvements since then! He has been working very hard on his back kicks and his latest achievement has been being able to swim a full length of the pool all by himself!  At the start of classes, we used boards and I was supporting him but after a while and lots of practice, he is swimming by himself and is improving every class! Maksym is very enthusiastic is always working hard and I am so proud of the improvement he has made during this session! Congratulations Maksym!