Gordie has been swimming with Aqua since Fall 2018. When Gordie started his lessons he was very unsure about putting his face in the water and there would be tears when swimming time came around each week. Fast forward to today: Gordie loves swimming with his face in the water during his Sea Otter classes! Gordie’s parents credit the trusting relationship that Kristiana has built with Gordie while simultaneously pushing him to be his best!

Here’s what Kristiana had to say about Gordie:

I’ve had Gordie as a swimmer since last Spring. Gordie started off as a timid swimmer. He would not like to lay his head back when we did floats and protested whenever we had to do reaches to the wall or bobs. This session is when I started to see improvements every class. He has become completely independent during his bobs, reaches to the wall, and back floats. Not to mention how comfortable he has gotten with dipping his face into the water! He even does a swim off the wall into my hands with his face completely submerged. I am so impressed with how much he’s pushed himself to do all these skills! I nominated Gordie to acknowledge how he always challenges himself to try something new every class. I am so proud of you Gordie and I can’t wait to see what else you surprise me with at the pool!!

Congratulations Gordie!