Sarah joined Aqua Essence, in the Winter of 2019. Prior to that, she had taken some drop in lessons about two years ago elsewhere. Sarah has a fear of water and the lessons have provdided her with a comfort that she never had before, It’s a skill that she sincerely enjoys learning further, and she looks forward to swimming during vacations and over the Summer.

Here’s what Sari had to say:

I would  like to nominate Sarah Kenyon for swimmer of the month. Sarah started taking lessons this February, after not being in the water for years. Sarah has quickly progressed from swimming with assistance in the shallow end to completing entrire laps in the deep end, all on her own in just over 2 months. Sarah’s hard work and drive to learn is incredile to see and shows that no matter your circumstances, it’s never too late to learn this important life skill. Congratulations on all your hard work Sarah!