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Progress in the pool

Aqua Essence delivers Red Cross swimming and water safety programs with a sharp focus on the swimmer as an individual. Red Cross provides Canada’s leading swimming curriculum, and our teaching methods generate a cycle of success and remarkable confidence in the pool as your child advances.

The program is delivered in 10 levels that fits with today's young swimmers. Students can get through all levels and feel proud of their achievement.

Water safety and swimming skills are taught in the water and at poolside. Our students are always learning, always focused, and in the water as much as possible. The program promotes life-long fitness and confidence.

All classes are 30 minutes long. One-on-one classes, assessments, and extra classes are available at an additional fee.

Swimmers begin in the pre-school program at two and a half and stay there until they are six or have completed the whale level, whatever comes first. Once they are six they move over to the Swim Kids program. Each level in the preschool program corresponds to a level in Swim Kids.

Age Groups and Levels:

  • Aqua Babies 1 - Aqua Babies 3 (6 months to 2 years - 5 participants per class)
  • Sea Turtle - Level 3 (2 and a half years and older - 2 participants maximum)
  • Levels 1-10 (6 years and older)
  • Levels 4-8 (maximum of 3 participants)
  • Levels 9-10 (maximum of 4 participants)
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Keeping cool in the pool

What better way to cool off and advance your swimming skills during a hot Winnipeg summer?

Aqua Essence Swim Academy offers private and semi-private summer swimming lessons at the Holiday Inn (1740 Ellice Avenue) and at clients’ backyard pools.

Whether at the Holiday Inn on Ellice or in your own backyard, our scheduling is flexible and we do our best to meet your family’s requirements. Aqua Essence instructors bring all of the required equipment and supplies to make your experience a successful one!


Click here to register or call our office to discuss special arrangements. 

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Safety and confidence for life

Aqua Essence Swim Academy's specialized approach to teaching babies how to swim is focused on safety, confidence, and family connection in the pool.

In our Aqua Babies program, parents and babies stay in the water together. Through a series of activities and choreographed movements, babies gain a comfort level that will help them learn different swimming strokes and techniques more easily as they get older. At the same time, parents learn how to be with their children in the water in a way that helps them develop their skills and a love of swimming.

There is singing and there is play - but all for a purpose. This is a skills-based learning program taught by expert instructors who understand how babies react to the water and how they learn best. Our deliberately small classes allow babies and their parents to get individual attention.

Babies from six months to two years old are welcome in Aqua Babies. Participating infants must be able to hold their heads up on their own.

Going above and beyond

For young water lovers, athletes, and swimming enthusiasts, the Aqua Essence Swim Academy Swim Club takes you to new levels of performance and confidence.

A perfect complement to regular swimming lessons, our Swim Club offers more opportunity for skill development in a small-group setting.

Each session is an hour long and enrolment is capped at five students. Aqua Essence offers a flexible schedule and expert leadership.

Through our Swim Club, students become stronger and faster in the pool. It's a perfect boost for students in synchronized swimming programs, water polo, and diving - and it helps prepare students for future opportunities as swim instructors and lifeguards.

To register, must be in Swim Kids Level 7 or above.

Triathlon Training Register Now

Stamina, technique, discipline, focus

Aqua Essence Swim Academy can help you excel at triathlon - even if you don't know how to swim today.

Triathlon is a test of human endurance; an exciting and challenging combination of cycling, running, and swimming. The event is growing in popularity among youth, business leaders, and fitness fans looking for a new hill to climb.

Our expert training program prepares you for the swimming leg of triathlon while inspiring you to develop the confidence and strength you need to excel through all three elements. And we can connect you to partners who will help you fine tune your running and cycling, while we help you achieve excellence in the water.

Aqua Essence Swim Academy offers one-to-one training as well as small group settings.

Contact us to give it a "tri."

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