I wanted to take a moment to put down in writing how exceptional your customer service is. This is the only company we receive reminders of when our lessons start, who our instructor is and where we should met them. We are also told well in advance if there are any changes to the schedule and are even informed if the instructor is away sick and who we can expect instead. We have gotten quite spoiled having dealt with one of the most well run companies in the province, and are so grateful to have experienced the best for our kids. Thank you again for how much effort you put into making sure your clients are so well taken care of. You guys are the flawless.

Darla Gauthier

Thank you Ms. Sari for your hard work. My daughter Allyssa really enjoyed her swimming lessons with you.

Alma Rodriguez

My 7 year old daughter swam her deep end laps for the first time this summer while swimming with a friend. I literally cried when she came home and told me. I was so proud!! To be honest, I didn’t think she could do it. I knew she could swim but four laps is just a lot from an endurance perspective. She wanted to jump off the diving board so bad that she pushed her little legs and did the biggest arm circles and made it through. It was the best moment of my summer and I wasn’t even there to see it!! This confidence and love of the water wouldn’t have come alive in my daughter without Aqua Essence. It wasn’t that long ago that she was afraid to go into the pool unless she was clinging onto someone and now the joy I see in her when she’s in the pool is just heartwarming! Thank you to all the instructors at Aqua Essence who have taught her over the years. Your patience, compassion, dedication and encouragement have paid off with this little girl!!

Jody Simpson

My 7-year old son has had a fear of water since a bad experience with a city program at age 2. We struggled for the longest time to get him comfortable. He never got there. Then, aquaessence. We put both our kids in swimming everyday for two weeks this summer and for the first time, THE FIRST TIME, my son jumped into the deep end and Can now float on his own. Not gonna lie, I cried. The team at aquaessence are unbelievable and the instructors are out of this world. I will never stop singing their praises! Thank you especially to Mitchell and Ben that helped my son overcome his fear. We are forever grateful.

Darcy Singh

I took some one-on-one lessons to improve my front crawl in preparation for triathlon season. I competed at St. Malo at the end of June and had a swim time of 21:49. My best time previous to this was 24:09. Both were wet-suit swims. Thanks to Mitchell for his instruction and help in improving my technique. More importantly to me than improving my time is the fact that my previously injured shoulder is feeling great, so I feel that the improvement in my technique has kept me injury free and able to continue in the sport for years to come! 


I started Selah in the program in the Fall. She was 2 1/2. After seeing another little boy swim with Aqua Essence in the Spring, I couldn’t believe how much he could do, so I knew this is what I wanted for my granddaughter. Selah is now doing a back float to the count of 5, rolls over to her tummy, jumps in over head and begins the initial movements to swim to Rishona and so much more! Each week, I come away more convinced than ever that Aqua Essence is the best program I could have for Selah. I am so grateful to Rishona and Aqua Essence. And so glad I happened to be at Cindy Klaassen when a little boy and his Mom demonstrated for me how wonderful this program was. As my daughter said when she came to watch Selah just before the Christmas break, words cannot convey fully what the eyes see. Thanks so much.

Sheila Casey-Houston

Thank you for another wonderful season! Other parents are amazed at how well my children can swim and I brag about how amazing Aqua has been for them.My son is levels ahead of his classmates which attests to how great your program and instructors are.

Tammy Kasdorf

I wanted to take a few minutes to THANK YOU (Aqua Essence) and all the instructors who have taught my two children (now teenagers!) since 2011. You have been so accommodating! We have always been so satisfied with the service at Aqua Essence (yourself, Rishona, instructors and office staff) since we started with you. Thanks again to all the instructors who have always been so helpful! They have made my children’s experience a positive one. Thank you! Much appreciated.

Jeanne Gregoire-Regnier

My daughter Trinity just finished her 1st swim session with Aqua Essence. Thanks to Alyssa who worked with my daughter to pass her swimming lessons. My daughter now can jump into chest deep water and put her head under water. I’m impressed and will be booking again in the near future.


My daughter Brooklyn has been taking swimming lessons for over a year with Aqua Essence and the experience has been excellent! She’s always had a fear of the water so we knew we needed smaller group lessons. We’ve seen “baby step” improvements along the way (which have been big for her) but in the last couple months she’s been improving so much. In fact, for her last lesson I just about cried at how well she did. Her confidence in the water has come a long way…a big thank you to Elly for getting her over the hump. Elly has really been able to push her to try things she’s always been afraid of and has also been able to navigate through the stalling and persuasion tactics of a very clever 5 year old which that in itself deserves recognition!! We always tell Brooklyn 3 things before she enters the pool: Have fun, try your best and TRUST Elly!!

Jody Simpson

My daughter started taking swimming lessons with Aqua essence in 2014. She is currently being taught by Lainey. It has been such a pleasure to watch her growth and enthusiasm for this activity and its because of the skilled, friendly and motivated instructor Lainey. Every week we are excited to see what she will be learning next. She moved from level 3 to level 5 from September to December. It was a lot of hard work but it has boosted her confidence, increased her endurance and what a difference it has made in her life. Thank-you Lainey!. Some people are made for teaching and Lainey is one of those people. Her warm friendly and enthusiastic personality is infectious! She provides challenges which allows my daughter to achieve more than she thought she could accomplish. My daughter is trying to teach me how to be a better swimmer. When a person does a great job they should be recognized. Thank-you for going above and beyond in making my daughter feel comfortable and confident in taking on this sport. Thank-you for including our family and updating us in detail on her progress each swim session. Thank you to Aqua essence for choosing such great people to teach and mentor our children!

Leslyn Pinder

My husband Gerry, a stroke survivor, is currently taking swimming lessons with Rishona. Although he has always been a swimmer, since his stroke he has lost mobility and strength in many parts of his body. Rishona gives Gerry the confidence he needs and the challenges in the water that make him so excited to be “swimming” again. I am so grateful for her commitment and encouragement that she provides for him each week. Gerry has aphasia and does not speak well, but after each lesson he does say it is “GREAT!” Thanks for everything Rishona! Gerry and I are both so grateful.

Cheryl Briggs

I enrolled my son in the program last spring and what a difference in his confidence and growth. He was terrified of being in the pool and as parents we worried about him visiting friends who had pools. However in such a short time his confidence has soared. I am so grateful for the professional, kind and patient staff. It was truly a great experience. We look forward to the coming year. I have told many of my friends of this great program because this shouldn\’t be the best kept secret. In my opinion swimming is a life skill and this is the best program to develop that skill.

Leslyn Pinder

My family has been swimming with this program for almost 4 years. We started with our first daughter at age one and our second at just 4 months of age. We appreciate how kind and caring and patient Rishona and her staff are with the children; you really get a sense that they care about your child and their success in the water. We have seen such improvements with our oldest and receive many compliments about how confident she is in the water when we swim for recreation. The little one loves to watch her older sister and copies her with confidence! Thank you for your wonderful program and for going a step above to make a life skill fun to learn!

Shannon Hood

As an adult, who never learned to swim, because I was to afraid, just thinking about it terrified me, but finally I mustered up the courage, because I wanted to be able to swim with my adult son, who I had put into swim lessons when he was young. I found Aqua Essence on line, sent an email to Rishona Hyman and sat back and waited for a response. Rishona contacted me saying she would love to help me. At first I was terrified of learning to float on my back, but Rishona reassured me in a way that made me feel safe, and only when I said you can let go, did she remove her hand from my back to float on my own and it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my lessons. Today I am floating and swimming on back and front no fears. Rishona is amazing, has so much patience it put you at ease. I am also working with another instructor, Daniel Kroft, who is equally wonderful, patient and fun to have lessons with. When I tell people I am learning to swim, I always say, If anyone you know is looking to take lessons, old or young, Aqua Essence is the place to come to. I didn\’t tell my son I was taking swim lessons and on mothers day, last year, I surprised my son when I showed him what I had learned, he told me that he was so proud of me! Thank you so much to Rishona for helping me overcome my fears.

Janet Skinner

We had our son going to lessons at another pool and were disappointed in the progress that he was experiencing and the lack of French instructors. We signed him up 2 years ago with Aqua Essence and he has done so well in such a short amount of time- the teachers are friendly and speak to him in French which is important to us and now our daughter is going to be taking lessons for the first time with Aqua Essence.

Erica Gauthier - Parent

Rishona and her staff at Aqua Essence are exceptional at what they do! We had a poor experience at another pool. Our 6 year old son Zach was hesitant to get into the water and now, after having taken lessons with Tali, Piper, Jordan and Leah he \”almost\” likes swimming more than hockey! Incredible!

Erica Gauthier - Parent

I started at Aqua Essence with a little girl who absolutely dreaded the water. Today, at 2 years old, she absolutely LOVES the water and is a smart, confident swimmer because of Rishona\’s patience and understanding. She loves her swimming class and her swimming instructor, as does her older brother. He has also been going to Aqua Essence for 2 years, and his swimming skills have improved greatly because of his teachers. I am encouraging all my friends and family with young children to sign up with Aqua Essence. Thank you!

Robin Spain-Little - Caregiver / Nanny

A little over a year ago I started swimming lessons with Erin Ward. I was a very frightened, middle-aged woman who had always been afraid of the water. Just today I finally swam full laps in the pool, entering the \”deep end\” fully. I credit Erin with helping me get over my fear of the water. She started with someone who was too afraid to even go into the shallow end of the pool and look at me now! Thank you Erin.

Judy Doctoroff - Adult Swimmer / Teacher

We started with Aqua Essence 5 years ago when we had trouble getting our then 5 year old son into the pool after a bad water experience. By the end of his lessons, we were so impressed with our son’s development that we switched our daughter over from another private lesson company. We now have our three year old starting this year. I have (and will continue to) recommend Aqua Essence to my friends and family. If you want your child to become a strong, proficient swimmer, while still having fun, Aqua Essence is the program for you.

Adriana De Luca - Parent / Business Owner

This is my daughter’s second year with Aqua Essence and at 5 years old she is swimming like a fish! We love the personal attention and the fact that the pace is determined by her progress. She’s had fantastic teachers (Yael, Rishona, Lexi) who are warm and encouraging. I would recommend Aqua Essence to anyone (and often do!)

Jila Ghomeshi - Parent

After watching my son learn how to swim, I became inspired to finally learn myself. I enrolled in adult swim lessons with Rishona Hyman and immediately felt comfortable in the water. Rishona was able to tailor a program to meet my swim goals, and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in her instruction. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone-child or adult, who is considering learning how to swim or improve upon their technique.

Donna Sutherland - Adult Swimmer and Parent

My children (age 3 and 6) started with aqua essence last fall. I had tried many other swimming classes with my 6 year old in the past and she would never want to go. Now my children like swimming lessons and go willingly. Both of them have made tremendous progress in such a short period of time. I am so glad I heard about aqua essence. Amber is our instructor and she is excellent with our shy kids!

Laura Kemp - Amazed Parent

As a former Swimming Instructor, I highly recommend this program for both the quality in programming and the smaller classes. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been with the program for one year. I’m amazed with what she has been taught already and she loves it.

Nadine Giesbrecht - Former Swimming Instructor/Guard and Current Parent

This is the first time that my 2 kids done a swimming lesson and it is with aqua essence. I feel great that I made a good decision to register them in aqua essence. Lexi did a great job and help my two kids improve their swimming skills. I always tell to my friends how good aqua essence, and also I recommend it. Keep it up!!!

Dea Canela - Pleased Parent

I began working for Aqua Essence as an instructor in 2006. It was a pleasure working with such a highly motivated and dedicated team. Rishona truly cares about her staff and clients, which creates a culture of pride and teamwork that is evident in the quality of teaching. Aqua Essence attracts instructors that are committed to teaching and love their jobs. I would (and frequently do) highly recommend Aqua Essence to both students and instructors looking for a dynamic, fun and excellent quality swimming school.

Seth Rosenberg - Former Employee

This was our first year swimming with Aqua Essence and we will definitely be back! Firstly, being able to schedule our lessons at a time that suited our family and outside of City Lesson times was ideal. The instructors were there because they enjoyed it and it showed! They were enthusiastic and patient with each lesson and were able to tailor the classes to suit our son’s needs. It was a great experience to have a small class where quality instruction and great learning were taking place each week!

Niamh Skeleton - Former Swim Instructor/Guard and Current Parent

Three of our children (just turned 5, 4 and 2) started swimming lessons for the first time January 2011 and we are so impressed with how quickly they have gained confidence and skill in swimming. My 5 year old went from splashing around in the pool and playing to front and back crawls by the end of 2 sessions. My 4 year old has improved greatly and the 2 year old of whom we were hesitant to put in swimming is at the same level as his 4 year old sister. The teachers really do their best to work with each child’s individual personality. We are excited to see how they grow over this next year and highly recommend anyone considering swim lessons for their children to do it through private or semi private lessons and Aqua Essence would be a fantastic choice.

Tina Kirschner - Mother of 4

Three of our children (just turned 5, 4 and 2) started swimming lessons for the first time January 2011 and we are so impressed with how quickly they have gained confidence and skill in swimming. My 5 year old went from splashing around in the pool and playing to front and back crawls by the end of 2 sessions. My 4 year old has improved greatly and the 2 year old of whom we were hesitant to put in swimming is at the same level as his 4 year old sister. The teachers really do their best to work with each child’s individual personality. We are excited to see how they grow over this next year and highly recommend anyone considering swim lessons for their children to do it through private or semi private lessons and Aqua Essence would be a fantastic choice.

Tina Kirschner - Mother of 4

I can agree with Sharon Graham. My seven year old used to refuse to get his hair wet in the pool. After his first level with Jordan(his excellent instructor), he is loving the pool. We bought him goggles and a snorkel and he absolutely loves swimming around with it! He is very excited to start with level two in the fall. Thank you

Ronel de Klerk - Satisfied Parent

I think that this is one of the best swimming programs out there. I love that the time spent with my child in the water is actual lessons. My daughter flourished after only a 10 week course, which totally reaffirmed to me this is definitely a fantastic program. I have recommended this company to so many of my friends and clients and told them it is soooooo worth the time and money. Fantastic teachers that take the time to give me a progress report after every class. I love that. Thank you Rishona and Aqua Essence!

Samantha Sirtonski - Parent of 2 children

My son Malcolm began swimming with Aqua Essence when he was four months old. He loved it right from the start! He learned skills and confidence in the water even as a tiny baby. People are always commenting on how he loves the water and what a strong swimmer he is, even though he is only two. I always tell them it is because of the great staff and program at Aqua Essence! I am so pleased with how fun and educational each lesson is. I am thrilled with Aqua Essence and recommend it to anyone!

Sara Boyce - Elementary School Teacher & Parent

Our daughters began their swimming experience with the city program at an early age and although they enjoyed the water, we felt that something was still missing and that they weren’t being given enough time and attention in order to learn the skills required to move forward at a quicker pace. As cottage owners we spend a lot of time near the water and feel that swimming is a vital, lifelong skill. We approached Rishona and began semi private lessons with Aqua Essence. In a very short time we saw our girls flourish and develop the skills that build strong swimmers. We have been very happy with the instructors that we’ve had and their attention to detail and connections with the students is wonderful to see. Rishona’s willingness to “go the extra mile” and accommodate needs and schedules has been unbelievable, she puts the children’s need first and works to ensure a successful session for each and every child. Aqua Essence is an incredible program and we will continue to recommend it as a place where swimmers truly grow.

Alison Dennis & Marty Carrington

Both my kids (6 & 8) started lessons with Tracey this summer and I am amazed at the confidence they have gained in a few lessons! Tracey relates to them, encourages them and doesn’t let them quit! I could not be happier! My kids WANT to go to lessons and look forward to it every week!

Dierdre Schultz

Wow! It takes a very special instructor (Piper) and a lot of patience to work with my very shy and stubborn 3 year old!! He has made unbelievable progress with regards to the water, as well as towards forming a personal relationship with Piper!! Her knowledge of kids, her perseverance and her incredible spirit is to thank!

My 6 and 8 year old have been swimming with Aqua Essence for 2 years plus our latest summer session. Before we enrolled with Aqua Essence my kids were lacking in their swimming skills. They have caught up and have now exceeded my expectations (thank you Tali and Mikaela)! Their attitude towards swimming lessons is even more exciting than their progress -they love it and are sad to take a break until the fall!

I can’t say enough about Rishona and her amazing team of instructors who make swimming fun!! I have, and will continue to recommend Aqua Essence to everyone I know.

Erin Meyer

We put my son and daughter in swimming this spring and I am amazed how much they have advanced in the pass 10 weeks. My daughter is so excited that she can swim by herself with a life jacket or the boards which she could not do 10 weeks ago. My son who is a little scared on the water is getting more comfortable every minute in the water. I saw so much improvement even from the start of the class to the end. I am so much looking forward to see what they are going to learn this summer. I have been recommending Aqua essence to all our friends. This is an amazing program.

Kristy Frovich

We are beyond thrilled with Aquaessence, Rishona and our instructor Kirsten. After years (on and off)of public lessons we still had 2 non swimmers who didn’t like the water. With Aquaessence my children accomplished more in 2 weeks than they ever had before. They are learning new skills at an astounding rate. Kirsten gives us an update at the end of every class…and my kids love swimming lessons now. It’s almost too good to be true! Aquaessence has far exceeded our expectations.

Laurie Lange

I had enrolled my infant (now toddler) son in public lessons and quickly switched to Aqua Essence and will never look back. My son was only receiving “water exposure” with the public lessons, and with Rishona, he is actually learning “water skills”. The distinctions in quality of lessons are staggering, and it has been amazing to watch my 13 month old actually demonstrate swimming skills after only a few classes with Rishona.

I am thrilled to have found her thoroughly researched and effective swimming instruction program. It demonstrates a respect and belief in children’s natural swimming ability and I am confident that my child will have an incredible relationship with water, one that is safe and enjoyed, for his lifetime, with thanks to Rishona.

Trina Allan

My boys have been swimming with Aqua Essence since they were infants and I am completely thrilled with the program. The skills they have acquired and their comfort level in the water is far superior to kids that have been taught else where! Thanks Rishona and all of your amazing instructors!!

Mira Narvey

Aqua Essence has been amazing for my girls. Rishona and her team of instructors are phenomenal with the kids and my girls swimming ability proves it!!

Carrie Ransby

This is the first session that my two children have done with Aqua Essence, and it was amazing. We will never do public lessons again. Kirsten did a great job with both of my kids, really improving thier skills and getting them through to the next level. I highly recommend Aqua Essence, it is well worth it.

Susan Fast

My son and daughter have been swimming with Aqua Essence for several years now and we all love Rishona and her team of instructors. Not only have my children’s swimming skills progressed rapidly over the years, but the kids look forward to coming to the pool because of the wonderful relationship that the instructors develop with their students. When they are excited about the lesson, then learning is so much more fun. I know that Aqua Essence is the right place to be!

Jacqueline Freedman

My son was never comfortable in the water and I was concerned that he would never learn how to swim. The instructors at Aqua Essence acheived the impossible: he not only passed Level I, he now enjoys swimming!

Sharon Graham

My daughter began swimming with Rishona in the year 2000. I couldn’t be happier with her professionalism, dedication to the kids and her ability to hire an exceptional staff. I now have 4 kids taking lessons with her and have encouraged many other parents to do so as well. I would not send my kids anywhere else!

Lori Shenkarow

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