At Aqua Essence we strive for both quality and excellence in our teaching. We are constantly evolving and moving forward to make classes the best that they can be! Everything is for a purpose. We limit the number of days off that our staff is permitted to have in order to provide consistency for our students. We believe that for the success of the swimmer and the instructor, continuity is very important. But life happens, and if a situation arises where an instructor cannot make it to class, we make sure to have a substitute fill in.

After the class, we sometimes hear that the swimmer performed better for the sub then they do during their regular class.  We will hear things like, “my daughter has never swam so far!” or “I’ve never seen my son dive with such confidence!” We call this the Sub Effect or Holiday Effect. This behavior is more common than you may think. When your child’s regular instructor is with them every week, the instructor becomes very familiar with the swimmer and knows his or her limits. They are working on specific skills and ensuring they are done properly in order to progress onto the next level. The sub comes in with a very different attitude. They are here just today, and in that one day they are going to have fun and push the kids as much as they can.

Parents also tend to watch the sub closer than the regular instructor as it is a new face and they want to make sure that their child is comfortable.  As a result, parents are more focused on their children and tend to see things differently. When a swimmer hears a different voice asking them to try a skill, an eagerness to please takes over and causes what we call “The Sub Effect”. 

The student performing the skill without hesitation = success. There are great things that come from “The Sub Effect”! We communicate back to the instructor that the swimmer had a great class and did awesome front crawl last week, or swam across the pool.  This often happens on family vacations or during the summer time as well. We will hear from parents that the kids are mastering skills on trips that they don’t usually during their lesson. The skills they have been learning often come together in this type of setting. We believe this happens due to a combination of confidence, being in a relaxed environment and being exposed to the water more frequently than usual. 

Whether the skill is achieved with the regular teacher, a substitute or with a parent on a trip, we celebrate the success of the swimmer! Have you ever experience this with your child?