Hi Aqua Families!

Pool foulings happen… but they are unavoidable to a certain extent. Every session we see several foulings that keep us out of the water during swim time. This is just as frustrating for us as instructors as it is for you as parents, believe me. While there is bound to be a bit of chaos when the lifeguard makes the dreaded call to clear the pool, rest assured we have a plan of action.

The Red Cross Swim Kids/Preschool Curriculum has several Water Safety Skills and Knowledge items to be checked off for each and every level. There is no reason why these skills can’t be talked about/performed on dry land. SO instead of pool foulings being a nuisance, we try to see them as an opportunity to hone in on the water safety side of swimming lessons, arming our swimmers with knowledge about what to do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation, or better yet, how to avoid these situations in the first place. We highly encourage all of our swimmers and their parents to stay with us during pool foulings so that we can educate your family about drowning prevention, first aid, and all sorts of cool water-related safety tips!

Well, what about the little kids? There’s no way they get anything out of just coloring for 30 minutes! WRONG! The preschool levels are where arguably the most learning gets done in these types of classes. You would be surprised how many 3-6-year-olds don’t know that it is against the law to not wear a lifejacket in a boat, or how many don’t know what number to call if an emergency arises. With young swimmers, we use relatable locations like the cabin or the pool to devise situations and talk them through while doing water safety-related activities on paper for something to take home. It’s about having these conversations early and often with younger swimmers. Producing Water Smart Swimmers is what we’re all about! Water Safety classes give us the opportunity to build on existing knowledge and discover new things about the potential dangers of being a swimmer.

SO, if you arrive at the pool and see that the pool is closed for a fouling or any other reason, do not turn around to head home just yet! As soon as a pool fouling occurs, our instructors spring into action and the first thing we always do is put up a sign on the front desk telling you where to go to find Aqua Essence for Water Safety! It could be on the pool deck or a room that the lifeguards have given us for the evening. There will be a place for your child to learn on days like this so please don’t immediately head for the door! We ask that you give our instructors a chance to do what they do best: educate your child!